Ministry of Health Gives All Clear on Processed Meat Originating from Brazil

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After weeks of assessments and investigations into reports regarding the sale of unwholesome meats and meat products from Brazil, the Grenadian Health Ministry has given the ALL CLEAR on Brazilian imported meat products into the country.

The decision to put a hold on imports of processed meats and to request businesses to withhold sale of these products was taken as a means of safeguarding the public’s health interest.

On 22 March this year, the Ministry of Health had convened a meeting with the island’s national agencies responsible for food safety and security, to analyze the seriousness of the reports and take the appropriate actions.

The ALL CLEAR has been given after Ministry of Health officials were satisfied that the products were safe for public consumption.

The Ministry’s claim is backed by regional public food safety and security agencies who have also concluded that the ban and removal-for-sale request should be lifted, since no irregularities exist in the tests conducted at meat packaging and processing plants in Brazil that supplies products to Grenada and other regional territories.

The Ministry of Health thanks all of its stakeholders, importers and retailers for their support throughout and during the investigation.

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