Social Partners Discuss Wide Range of Issues at 35th Meeting

Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph

At the 35th Meeting of the Committee of Social Partners (CSP), held on 10 March 2017, a team from the Integrity Commission (IC), led by Lady Avril Anande Trotman-Joseph, Chairperson of the IC, presented a comprehensive report on the work of the Commission.

Discussion emanating from the presentation included:

  • The role and importance of the Integrity Commission in Grenada and the region;
  • Achievements of the Grenada Integrity Commission;
  • Grenada’s recent ranking by Transparency International and the steps being taken to address same;
  • Obligations arising from Grenada’s ratification of the OAS Inter-American Convention Against Corruption, and more recently, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption; and the Integrity in Public Life Act and the Prevention of Corruption Act.
  • Declaration of assets, income and liabilities, by public officials

Other matters discussed were:

  • The exportation of fish and issues related to same, which was led by Hon. Alvin Da Breo, Minister responsible for Fisheries;
  • The content of local talk show programmes;
  • Government/Union negotiations;
  • The National Plan 2030;
  • Issues pertaining to the Blue Economy; and
  • Vending and the aesthetics of streets in the Town of St George

The CSP meets on a monthly basis and is chaired by Prime Minister, Dr the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell. The CSP is comprised of representatives of the private sector, the trade unions, the non-governmental organisations, the Conference of Churches in Grenada, the Association of Evangelical Churches and Government. As of 1 March 2017, youth representatives from the Conference of Churches in Grenada, the Association of Evangelical Churches and the Ministry of Youth became members of the CSP.

Source: Ministry of Finance & Energy

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