Tight Security for Invitational

A meticulous 2-part security plan is in full effect to protect the athletes, managers and other officials coming for the Grenada Invitational

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jesmon Prince, the officer in charge of operations in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and responsible for security at the Invitational, said the arrangements are put in place to cover events and activities outside of the national stadium as well as within. The plans kicked in on Tuesday, with the arrival of some of the athletes.

“Our aim and our intent for this event is, really to ensure that they are safe and secure… Within that period of time, whatever experience they get should be one that would be good to promote Grenada, and not negative to our country. So, we would do everything within our powers to ensure they are safe to participate in the game,” said the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Security for the world-class track and field event is being provided by the RGPF in partnership with private security companies, stadium security, NaDMA, the Ministry of Health and persons who have volunteered their service.

ACP Prince said one procedure that can be expected on 8 April is ticket-checking, and since the event is already sold-out, each patron will be asked to present a valid ticket in order to enter the Stadium.

“We’re going to have what we call a ‘soft ticket check’ established on the perimeters of the stadia compound. You’ll only be allowed inside if you have a valid ticket, or you have an accreditation that allows you to be there at the time,” Prince said.

He discouraged persons from attempting to use unauthorised means to get into the event, as they will be appropriately dealt with.

“It’s a printed ticket, and people may want to photocopy and give it to other persons — if you are caught with a photocopied ticket, that will be an offence and you will be punished by law. We also know that people will be carrying their ticket on their cellular phones…when you are admitted you cannot forward it to someone else. That is another offence and you will be charged. So, we are warning people against those things,”  ACP Prince said.


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