US Embassy Hosts Entrepreneurship Program in the Eastern Caribbean

Ms Dextina Booker Speaking at Marryshow House to young entrepreneurs

The US Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS is pleased to host a travelling program focused on entrepreneurship. The program travelled to Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Barbados, and targeted entrepreneurship students at the tertiary level, and young entrepreneurs.

At each engagement, the film, ‘Generation Startup’ was screened, and the Embassy was thrilled to have on hand, young American entrepreneur Dextina Booker, one of the women featured in the film. ‘Generation Startup’ is a feature documentary that captures the struggles and triumphs of Venture for America fellows as they launch startups in Detroit. Shot over the course of 15 months, the film is a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic rejuvenation of Detroit.

In Grenada, the first engagement took place at St George’s University on 5 April. The group comprising of 34 students from St George’s University and T A Marryshow Community College, engaged in a lively discussion with Ms Booker after watching the film. Ms Booker shared her experiences, and thoughts on the value of how having an entrepreneurial mindset will change your life and your community.

At the second engagement, at which the audience comprised young entrepreneurs, Ms Booker and audience members discussed the value of having a supportive network as well as challenging the participants to start teaching the value of being “information hunters” from a very young age.

Acting Principal Officer Jeremy Anderson, Associate Dean Dr John Swartz and Ms Dextina Booker speaking to students at St George’s University

US Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS, Linda Taglialatela commented about the program, “Programs, such as this one, help us engage our audiences in important discussions on entrepreneurship. At the end of each screening and discussion, our wish is that every audience member leaves with the understanding that entrepreneurship drives economic resources to work efficiently, which positively impacts long-term economic development and growth. The US Embassy is committed to hosting programs in the Eastern Caribbean which place a greater emphasis on sustainable economic growth leading to prosperous, stable, democratic states.”

US Embassy Grenada

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