Alliance Française Hosts Puppet Show for Children

This Saturday, 3 June from 4 pm Alliance Française de la Grenade will host a very special “Universe” Puppet Show (in English) at the theatre at Marryshow House, Herbert Blaize Street, St George’s. The performance will be given by 2 professional puppeteers from Cie Zig Zag of Martinique.

Synopsis of the show “Universe”:

Great Bear has to leave the sky to go on Earth in search of her cousin, the Great Star of the Seas. Great Bear did not tell anyone about her trip to Earth and her disappearance leads to disorder in the whole universe. The Sheriff Rififi, guardian of the stars and guarantor of the order of time, starts an investigation to find Great Bear. It’s the beginning of a great adventure! Will Sheriff Rififi find Great Bear? Will they find the Great Star of the Seas?

The puppet show is part of Alliance Française’s cultural programming for 2017 and is open to all audiences, especially children from 4 to 10 years old…. And for those who love puppetry, things French, and are young at heart!

For more information please call Alliance Française at 440-0984.

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