Engage Our Youth In Positive Dialogue

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by Brian JM Joseph

How do we engage our youth in positive dialogue? Most of the elders in our communities find it a tumultuous task when dealing with the younger generation. Some may have given up, others turn a blind eye, but all save no effort with sharing their disappointment for the decline in morals.

In my honest opinion I know they will have to take some blows for a lot of foolish practices, adopted styles and unethical behaviours. All bad cannot be said about the youth of today, as there are a number of positive ones out there making their valuable contributions and I applaud them for that and encourage them to continue on the right path. Having said that, I must admit there are many out there that do however need help in a lot of areas, and that’s where the intervention of the generation before them, comes into play.

It’s a hard task dealing with challenges and peer pressure, especially if there are no good influences or help from your community. What we often fail to realise is that it takes an entire community to raise a child. Everyone has his or her role to play. Many leave the role up to the parents because they are the entrusted keepers of the future generation. It has become more evident though, that more hands are needed on board to help with the upbringing of this fickle and impressionable generation. Someone needs to point them in the right direction before they tumble over the cliff. Let’s save a dying generation of wayward youth, who are looking and searching for directions and some way out of this death trap. For many, their experiences and outlook on life are marred and corrupted with drugs, sexual immorality, crime, unemployment and guidance without directions.

There are many ambitious and talented young men and women out there waiting to exhale, but they just can’t do it on their own. Help is needed. If they are to move forward and see their true potentials hidden deep within, there must be a stronghold of positive energy, love and progressiveness provided. This will provide them with a purpose driven life. When this happens, they will be driven to accomplish more out of life.

Notwithstanding the many technological advances, new inventions, ideas and ways of life that have since shaped, changed and bettered the world as we know it, there is always need to look and learn from our past in an effort of making a better future. When our youth are engaged in fruitful discussions, there is so much that can be achieved. I think now is the time for dialogue because our young generation is dying and if we don’t try and save them, all will be lost forever. The older generation needs to talk, and the younger listen.

If we want to see positive changes and outcomes, we have to start planning now to rescue the future of our nation’s youth.

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