Investigations Launched Into Homeless Death

by Linda Straker

Police have confirmed that an investigation and an autopsy is in the process to determine the cause of death of a well-known homeless man. He was found hanging on Tuesday morning in a public green space close to the historic Fort George and the General Hospital in St George’s.

The Community Relations Department said that around 5:45 am sanitation workers saw the body of a male with a rope around his neck. They immediately contacted the Police, who went to the scene.

Though the man was found in a position that indicates suicide by hanging, his knees were touching the top of the slope where he was apparently standing. This made his body appeared to be in a kneeling position. Police are unable to confirm if the man’s knees are bruised from his kneeling position or if there are marks on his body.

Investigations so far have revealed that the deceased is Finbar Patrice, a vagrant well-known as “Who Smell So.” He is from the village of Cherry Hill, St George. Police say he was 57.

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