Martinique Cyclotron: Caribbean Cooperation for the Treatment of Cancer

Dr Carlene Radix, Chair of the OECS Health Unit, and Chief Medical Officer Cléophase Dauvergne are the St Lucia (OECS) participants at the 2nd Steering Committee of the Cyclotron of Martinique. Dr Radix is a former Chief Medical Officer (CMO), in Grenada’s Ministry of Health.

Pr Henry James Hazel and Dr Conville Samuel Brown are the participants from Antigua.

On this occasion, representatives of the OECS, Antigua and Curaçao health authorities meet today at the invitation of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique to strengthen the cooperation links around the Cyclotron equipment essential for the treatment of cancers in the Caribbean. The exchanges will be held with elected officials from the CTM, the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the CHUM (Hospital and University Centre of Martinique), the Nuclear Medicine Department, the Cancer Registry, to set up the project with medical, scientific and technical cooperation.


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