Minister Awaiting Report On Death Of Babies

by Linda Straker

The official cause of death for 3 babies who died at the General Hospital will become public information once the information is shared with the Cabinet of Ministers next Monday.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele said on Friday that he is awaiting a report from the General Hospital’s Medical Director which will provide him with information about the recent deaths.

On Tuesday, Steele disclosed during the weekly post-Cabinet briefing that 3 babies died last Friday at the General Hospital and investigations were ordered, with the report expected on his desk today, Friday.

Since his disclosure, there appears to be conflicting reports as to the date and time during which the babies died. The initial information, Steele admitted, was provided to him by senior public servants. “That initial information came from credible sources, and that is why I decided to share it with the media, but now, I await the report that should explain what happened and what caused the death of the babies.”

The Health Minister said that before disclosing further details, he would first present the report to the weekly Cabinet meeting on Monday. “After it is shared with Cabinet, then what has to be shared with the media will be shared,” he assured.

Besides the babies’ deaths, the report is also expected to include the number of mothers who lost embryos under 27 weeks since the start of 2017. An embryo less than 27 weeks is not defined as a baby,so the death of an embryo under 27 weeks is not recorded as an official death of a child, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

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