NDC Admits to Outstanding Debts from 2013 General Election Campaign

Assistant Public Relations Officer, NDC, Ron Redhead

by Linda Straker

An executive member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) disclosed that the Party is yet to settle all its outstanding debts relating to the 2013 General Election, in which the party was voted out of government and did not retain a seat in Parliament.

“As it relates to debts, the Party is ongoing to pay its debts. We believe in ensuring that we put all measures in place. We do not want to have a situation where we are still owing people. We are continuously engaging people to make sure we pay off some of our debts,” Assistant Public Relations Officer, Ron Redhead told the media during the Party’s weekly Monday news conference.

Redhead was unable to provide specifics as to the type of debt and the total amount but confirmed that if an election date was announced, the NDC would contest all 15 constituencies. He said that although all candidates are yet to be made public, the Party has identified a candidate for each of the 15 seats and if a General Election date was announced at any time, they would be able to have a nominee for each constituency.

A General Election is constitutionally due no later than mid-2018.

The NDC Constitution provides for 2 general councils and a convention to elect an executive, to be held annually. However, to date, there is yet to be 1 for 2017. Redhead said that a date in June is tentatively booked to have the 1st general council. He was unable to provide the date.

Redhead explains that the June general council will be a working session. “It has nothing to do with the elections of officers or any of that sort, but to continue to put preparations and means in place for an impending General Election, and other party organisational work.”

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