New Headquarters For NaDMA

Hon Emmalin Pierre touring the Morne Jaloux site with officials from the Prime Minister’s Ministry and the US Embassy

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) will soon be sporting new headquarters at Morne Jaloux, St George.

On Wednesday, a delegation comprising officials from the Prime Minister’s Ministry and the US Embassy toured the site on which the new structure will be built. NaDMA’s new headquarters will be funded by the United States Government through the US Embassy and the US Southern Command.

The new NaDMA headquarters will boast improved space, upgraded equipment and a relief warehouse – all of which will contribute to increased efficiency, accessibility and mobilisation capacities.

Samantha Dickson, Deputy Coordinator of NaDMA, says it is an exciting time for the agency as it engages in institutional strengthening of which infrastructural development is key. “A facility like this will improve the implementation part of the entire cycle of disaster management,” said Dickson. “There will be improved communication, improved equipment and of course improved capacity of staff and a bringing-together of what we talk about mirroring the Caribbean structure in terms of comprehensive disaster management.”

Minister for Implementation, Hon Emmalin Pierre, says this development should be seen as an indication that government is taking the matter of disaster management and preparedness seriously. She said persons should take comfort in the fact that the new facility will increase Grenada’s level of preparedness. “We are far more prepared in terms of our ability to respond to crisis situations and disasters,” said Pierre. “I think this will be comforting news for persons while we ought not to let our guard down because we still have to work with what we have. I think the comforting thing is to know that the Government of Grenada is placing emphasis on Disaster Management and Preparedness and this is just another step of demonstration that we have to continue to work on preparedness.”

Headquarters for NaDMA Carriacou is also to be constructed.

US Charge D’Affaires Stephen Frahm says his country is pleased to be part of this initiative, knowing that disaster preparedness is a priority for any nation. “This effort by the United States Government in cooperation with the government of Grenada and all of our friends here, will allow for better preparation and better collaborations on being ready for that horrible circumstance when a disaster comes,” said Frahm. “So, we are anxious to be engaged in preparations to be ready, but then, of course, we will always pray that God will spare Grenada.”


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