No One As Yet Charged For 13-Year-Old Donte’s Death

by Donella Hosten

April 28 was a sad day for the family and friends of 13-year-old Donte Felix, a student of the Westerhall Secondary School, who was killed in a vehicular accident in Westerhall.

Almost 3 weeks after the fatal accident on the Calivigny main road, no one has yet been charged. Public outcries and speculations have caused the Police to speak out on the issue.

Head of the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), ASP Sylvan Mc Intyre, affirmed that they are following procedure.

Without revealing any names of witnesses or suspects, Mc Intyre said statements have been collected and passed on to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), however, no charges have as yet been laid.

There has been some speculation about the person who was driving the vehicle, that he is the friend or relative of an influential St George’s businessman. ASP Mc Intyre did not comment on this. However, he posited that they, the RGPF, are fair and just. “Our credibility as a force that exists for over 300 years should indicate that we are transparent in what we do.”

Although no one is in custody at the moment, Mc Intyre insisted that all I’s must be dotted and all T’s must be crossed before the matter goes further. He assured that investigations are ongoing.

Some are also of the belief that Donte’s accident could have been avoided had he been paying attention to the traffic situation. The ASP used the opportunity once again to urge road users that road safety is the responsibility of both pedestrians and motorists.

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