Police Officer Hospitalised

by Donella Hosten

An off-duty Police Officer has been hospitalised since Thursday, 18 May 2017, after he was knocked down by a vehicle, of which the driver allegedly lost control on Halifax Street in St George’s.

Sources claim the officer was exiting a pharmacy in the Town of St George when the vehicle struck him and then another vehicle.

Speaking to the Head of the Community Relations Department, ASP Sylvan Mc Intyre confirmed that the officer was admitted to the General Hospital and, based on his injuries, he may be there for quite some time.

Mc Intyre noted that this incident is being treated like any other of this nature. He also stated that they would be checking to see if there were any mechanical defects that were, in fact, responsible for the incident.

Investigations into the matter will continue to determine who will be held responsible and liable.

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