Princess Alice Hospital to Be Upgraded to a Green Facility

Ministry of Health hosting PAHO delegation at official kick-off meeting

Another major hospital development project is set to unfold in Grenada. International as well as Grenadian health officials are excited about this new development that can have enormous cost-saving health benefits for the country.

The Princess Alice Hospital in St Andrew will soon be upgraded to a climate-smart or (green facility), as the hospital is to be transformed with modern designs that are expected to improve operations and services delivery in the northern and eastern parts of the island. The project is jointly executed by the Government of Grenada and PAHO and funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health hosted a PAHO delegation of engineers, project coordinators and Safe-Smart hospitals experts as part of an official kick-off meeting.

Experts say that on completion of the project, the facility will have a new hurricane-resistant roof, infrastructural upgrades with safety features for the patients and staff, a new automated electrical backup power system, as well as an improved water storage and supply system. These will enhance the hospital’s capability to deliver care, especially during disasters.

One of the visiting officials told the meeting of representatives from the General and Princess Alice Hospitals, that the project and designs have met and passed all of PAHO’s international standards.

The PAHO-supervised project will be executed by the Ministry of Health and has already had input from the Ministries of Works and Finance. FA Jeremiah and Associates was awarded the construction contract, valued at over US$800,000 with completion expected in 12 months.

Source: GIS

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