Promoters Call for Better Treatment

by Donella Hosten

On Thursday, 4 May 2017, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) held a 2-hour meeting with event promoters in Grenada.

Only a few promoters attended the meeting, where they raised their concerns. Among the topics discussed were registration, the filing of taxes and tax payments, recordkeeping, and promoters’ rights.

Popular female promoter “Golden”, shared her issues. She believes that it’s always one set of promoters targeted when it comes to taxes. She suggested that the Inland Revenue Department should develop a system where all promoters pay their necessary taxes. Some of the promoters opined that they are unfairly treated.

Public Relations Officer at the IRD, Kareen Morain–Alexander, said the objectives of the meeting were met. “There are several taxes that apply to these promoters, and we want to ensure that they are aware and know what is expected.”

Although the taxes are already on the books, the authorities are willing to “go back to the drawing board” to see how the taxes can be redesigned to be beneficial and profitable to all involved.

Also speaking on the issue was Wayne ‘Waggy T’ Redhead. He pointed out just how costly being a promoter is, especially when bringing in foreign artistes. He said he hopes the relevant authorities actually listen to the concerns raised at the meeting. Additionally, Redhead stated that it is time for the promoters to come together as an official association, as he believes that this is the way forward for them.

The IRD-organised meeting to address issues relevant to the staging of public events was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour, Police, and the Ministry of Culture.

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