Central Police Station Gets a Facelift

by Donella Hosten

As the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) prepares to commence its annual Police Week celebrations, one of its most prominent buildings is receiving a much-needed makeover.

The Central Police Station of the RGPF, also referred to as the Fire Station on the Carenage in St George, is being repainted and refurbished thanks to several corporate citizens. This initiative was undertaken by Superintendent Rodriguez James, who recently took charge of the division.

James said he noticed that the building was not in its best state. “It is our belief that the facelift will enhance how the public sees the Police.” Additionally, he stated that this change should create a better feeling and a sense of purpose for the Police Officers who are operating there.

The exterior is to be repainted, with a new sign sponsored by the Grenada Yacht Club. James’ vision is for the sign to bear the RGPF crest, the name of the station and the contact numbers for all the stations. This sign, he says, can be replicated by the other stations around the island.

Work on the interior of the building is yet to begin. However, work on the exterior should be completed by next week, just in time for the commencement of Police Week on 3 June 2017.

James is also hoping to take on other initiatives including designating the top Tanteen area as a School Zone and erecting signs to remind motorists to reduce their speed.

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