Tax Advisory Committee Established

The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) of the Ministry of Finance and Energy advises the public that a Tax Advisory Committee has been commissioned by Cabinet and is now operational.

The Tax Advisory Committee (TAC) is expected to develop and encourage cooperation between taxpayers and the Inland Revenue Division, and assist in streamlining administrative and procedural difficulties of a general nature.

Further, the TAC will provide input to the Ministry of Finance during the legislative process by studying and recommending changes to tax laws. Its operation intends to promote a better understanding of the tax laws and changes thereto.

The Committee consists of representation from a broad cross-section of stakeholders which includes the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Grenada Trades Union Council, professional bodies (lawyers, doctors, etc.), Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, and the Comptrollers of Inland Revenue and Customs.

It must be noted that the TAC is not meant to address tax objection matters that reside within the ambit of the Appeals Commission, but rather to consider sector specific issues.

Consequently, associations and various sector groups can table their issues to the committee via email at

Inland Revenue Department

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