China Places Great Importance on Its Relationship with Grenada

Dr Zhao Yongchen, China’s newly appointed ambassador to Grenada

by Linda Straker

Dr Zhao Yongchen, China’s newly appointed ambassador to Grenada has said that his country attaches great importance to its relationship with Grenada, since diplomatic relationship was resumed 12 year ago.

“Under the guidance of the second China’s Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean which was released late 2016, China is ready to work side by side with Grenada to bring the relationship to new heights at bilateral, regional and global levels. We are confident that by working together, we can certainly build on what has been achieved and further deepen the bilateral relationship,” he said during a cocktail reception last Friday in which he was officially welcomed to Grenada by Head of State, Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade; Members of the Houses of Parliament, Ministers of Government and other invited guests.

Zhao formerly served as Consul General in China’s Brisbane Office. He said the political trust between China and Grenada is based on mutual respect and equality and this has been enhanced to new heights by frequent visits and exchanges of our two leaders.

“China and Grenada show solidarity with each other on issues of their respective core interests. China is most grateful for Grenada to firmly support One-China principle and China’s reunification course,” he said.

Explaining that the future of the Sino-Grenadian relationship will be brighter, Ambassador Zhao told the guests at the Radisson Crown ballroom that many people are saying that bilateral relationship between Grenada and China is now in a golden age and, based on what has happened over the years, he has no reason to doubt the claim.

“I fully agree with this judgement. I am greatly honoured to be appointed Ambassador Extraordinary,” said the ambassador earlier in the week presented his Letter of Credentials to the Governor General.

Acting Prime Minister Gregory Bowen welcomed him to his new position and gave the assurance that both countries will be working together for the development of Grenada and the wider Caribbean.

Ambassador Zhao is a former lecturer at the People’s Public Security University of China; a former Deputy Director General of the Department of Anti-terrorism, Ministry of Public Security of China and a Minister of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia. Dr Zhao is married, and has a son.

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One thought on “China Places Great Importance on Its Relationship with Grenada

  1. The Grand Poobah

    China’s only interest is keeping us from supporting Taiwan. Do we have the courage to create leverage by using such a threat to leverage meaningful benefits beyond opportunities for them to spread their ideology. I still maintain that Taiwan provides a more beneficial relationship to Grenada.

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