Dr Mitchell Addresses Prison Security Force Recruits

Her Majesty's Prisons, Richmond Hill, Saint George

by Donella Hosten

50 recruits have begun training to be a part of the Security Force at Her Majesty’s Prison, Richmond Hill. On Tuesday, 20 June 2017, in an official ceremony held at Camp Saline, Point Salines, Prison Commissioner John Mitchell, senior members of Her Majesty’s Prison and the recruits were addressed by Minister of National Security, Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell.

He used the opportunity to issue a warning to the recruits against the entry of contraband and prohibited items into the prison. He spoke of persons having access to communication devices, which ought to be prohibited, and he was sure that some of the offenders receive assistance from the staff, and this must be stopped. Prisoners acquiring drugs while inside the prison, is another problem addressed by the minister.

“It cannot happen without the collusion of the members of the staff of the Prison,” Dr Mitchell commented.

The National Security minister informed that “the prison is not a place that we can play games with,” and changes clearly have to be made. He went on to say that the security of this country lies in the hands of the Public Service Commission, which is not a regular practice in most countries. This too, needs to be changed.

Dr Mitchell believes that the prison ought to be more self-sufficient, and he sees no reason government should be spending the monies they now spend to support the prison, as the facility has access to lands and other amenities.

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