Is There Any Economic Benefit from the Government IMANI Programme?

by Brian JM Joseph

The youths of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. It’s sad to see how our government and others in society don’t see the youths as the doorway to the future. The government should be placing more emphasis on youths and development, so much time is wasted on other non-important stuff.

Our leaders should spend ample time training and grooming our youths for leadership positions, but unfortunately, they aren’t willing to do so. With a rising youthful population here in Grenada, more is needed to be done in terms of securing a sound future that will bring viable economic growth. Can the struggling IMANI government programme enhance growth, empowerment and development of our youths?

IMANI is a Swahili word that means “faith” but is the government living up to those expectations by offering youths faith? I know many of our unemployed youths are happy for the opportunity being part of that programme, but is it bringing any economic benefits to this country? The government is pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into to the programme and there are no returns. What sort of economic investment would government get out of this programme? I have my doubts as to whether government or the youths are gaining anything of substance out of it. All we are seeing is just temporary employment and rotation of different batches of trainees, how can that improve our economy and state of venerability because at the end of day our living conditions remain the same. Poverty among young persons and unemployment remains a critical issue, and yet it’s not being addressed properly. It’s just happening here in Grenada but in the Americas and the Caribbean at large.

There was an article out that I have read recently in the Jamaica Observer entitled “UN agencies call for recognition of youth leadership in Caribbean” it further went on to state and I quote excerpts from that article: the United Nations Population Fund said poverty disproportionately affects young men and women in the region stating that 39% live in poverty with highest numbers in rural areas 46% and in urban areas 25%. These survey and statistics call for urgent concerns since a very high percentage of our youths are unemployed here in Grenada. What are the relevant authorities doing to curb those escalating problem?

I want to know how long can government continue to hide behind facades fooling themselves pretending to be champions of youths with an IMANI programme that’s bringing no economic benefits to this country. The youths are frustrated because of lack of opportunities, and yet those in authority failed to solve those problems that are plaguing the youths. What steps and measures are being taken by the government to curb those ailing cancerous problems. The youths shouldn’t be treated as outcasts or seen like minorities — because they are not. Our youths make up a greater percentage of our population and therefore its government responsibility to provide opportunities that can open avenues for educational advancement and empowerment, regardless of the areas where gainful employment are made available.

The IMANI programme is just a repetition of skulduggery in disguise by benevolent dictators especially those who are trying to entice the youths with pixie dust.

I cannot see sustainability and economic benefits deriving from the IMANI programme, I don’t think there is any statistics that can prove otherwise, and if they do, it will only be bogus with false representation of a programme that’s putting large holes in the pockets of the government.

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