Integrity Commission Conducts Training Seminar with Officials of Public Bodies

The Office of the Integrity Commission continued its Educational Outreach Programme with a Seminar for officials of Public Bodies on Wednesday, 28 June 2017.

The seminar was presented to over 35 Chairpersons/Deputy Chairpersons, CEOs and Deputy CEOs from Statutory Bodies on 28 June 2017.  It brought to life the responsibilities imposed on this Group by the Integrity in Public Life Act which provides that the Commission shall “carry out programmes of public education to foster an understanding of the standard of integrity.”

The objectives of the seminar were to share information on the legal mandates and responsibilities of the Integrity Commission, and also the public bodies, in accordance with the Integrity in Public Life Act, the Prevention of Corruption Act  2007; and  legislation related to procurement, risk management and so on.

Presentations were shared by Commissioners including Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Staff on the National Anti-Corruption System, and Benchmarking and Best Practices and Systems for Public Bodies. Collaborating Stakeholders, Superintendent Pierre of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Reducing Vulnerabilities in the Operations of Public Bodies and Mr Lucas of the Procurement Unit, Ministry of Finance, on Procurement Standards for Public Bodies.

The goal of the commission’s seminar was to raise awareness about legislative mandates and best practices important for the compliance by Public Bodies and critical to achieving high standards and practices of ethics and integrity within the national Anti-Corruption system. The commission looks forward to working with all stakeholders to realise a corruption free Grenada.

Office of the Integrity Commission

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