Update #3: NAWASA’s Water Systems

 The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) advises the general public that ALL WATER SYSTEMS have been switched on, with the exception of the Mirabeau Water System. 


  • Mirabeau Water System – Sabb, Byelands, Mirabeau, Mt Horne, Grenville, Rose Mont, St Cloud’s, Balthazar, Grand Bras, Forde, Telescope, St Mary’s, River Lett, Soubise, Cook Hill, The Villa, Mt Sealy, Paraclete, Santoo Pee Street, Columba.

The restoration of the Mirabeau Water System is anticipated by 6 pm today Wednesday, 21 June 2017.

Please be advised that although the systems were reopened at 11 am, consumers, especially those in highly elevated areas may receive their supply within 2 hours after the scheduled restoration period.

IN ADDITION, we advise consumers served by the Concord Water System, that it will be switched off at 9 pm TODAY WEDNESDAY, 21 June 2017 until 5 am THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 to facilitate system maintenance.


  • Concord Water System: Concord through to the entire Town of St George extending to Mt Gay in the parish of St George.

Affected consumers are encouraged to:

  • Collect and store water in clean, non-corrosive and mostly tightly covered containers both in and out of your refrigerator.
  • Store enough water for each member of your family and pet. Have at least a minimum of 3 days’ supply, of 35 gallons per person, per day for domestic use.

NAWASA will provide updates as information becomes available and apologises for any inconveniences caused. We thank consumers for their patience as we work towards the delivery of a safe, adequate and reliable water supply.

NAWASA …. committed to meeting customers’ needs.

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