Can a Book of Allegories and Mythology Replace Our Constitution Fundamental Right as Citizens?

by Brian JM Joseph

Our Constitution offers us protection as citizens, it’s our binding instrument that keeps us in line, and it’s supposed to be balanced when it comes to Freedom and Fundamental Rights.

I often refer to it as the enforcer. I know some individuals often try to tamper, performing skulduggery within the system because they think others are not aware of what their rights are.

Religious Fundamentalists often make many foolish statements in regards, to the Bible calling it the word of God. Unless there is conclusive evidence to prove otherwise, I will refute those claims as nonsense because to me it’s only a book of ‘allegories and mythology.’ Therefore, it can never replace what was put together by the people for the people protecting their Fundamental Rights. All those sadistic individuals who think they can heavily influence political figureheads because of religiosity please think twice.

Many of us might not be familiar with a constitutional court and its functions. A Constitutional Court is a high court that deals primarily with constitutional law. Its main authority is to rule on whether laws that are challenged, are in fact unconstitutional, ie whether they conflict with constitutionally established rights and freedoms.

It’s rather unfortunate that Grenada doesn’t have a Constitutional Court but if they tried to tamper with anything that tends to keep individuals disenfranchised they can be challenged in court. I know the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) settles disputes between Caribbean Community (CARICOM) the Member States, and also serves as the highest court of appeal on civil and criminal matters for the national courts of Barbados, Belize and Guyana. Therefore I’m sceptical whether or not there is a Constitutional Court here in the Caribbean. People retain certain rights. It means that the Constitution specifically grants the people certain rights and the Bible can never come before those rights. Many Grenadians are still Constitutionally illiterate.

For one to conjure the ideology of replacing our Constitutional Right with Bible principles — and in my honest opinion, it would rather be extremely complex and difficult to follow — how many of us can define equal protection? Can the Bible offer equal protection? We fail to realise that the Constitution guarantees that all persons shall receive the same protection of the laws as are afforded all other persons under the same circumstances.

I think all religious fundamentalists are guilty of ‘bigotry’ regardless of their religious denomination and their beliefs. I don’t think people are aware of what it means to have constitutional rights? — Liberty or Right whose protection from governmental interference is guaranteed by a constitution. I disesteem religious extremism, and I will continue to express my unfavourable opinion of it. I believe it anti-discriminatory whether it comes to us wrapped up as bigotry, it will be struck down by those who believe in equal protection.

I’m an advocate of disestablishment. I oppose any marriages of convenience between Church and State because they tend to corrupt the fabric of our society working against Constitutional Rights of individuals while they are trying to impose their conservatives values.

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