Carnival Message to Parents, Guardians and Caregivers

The National Parenting Programme wishes to remind parents, guardians and caregivers of their obligations regarding responsible parenting.

During the carnival season, it is easy to get caught up in the fun and hype and forget about the fundamental duties that come with parenting. When this happens, our children are the ones who suffer. Please prioritise well and provide your children with the resources and support that are needed for their safety and wellbeing. Since our nation’s schools are now closed for the July/August vacation period, adequate measures need to be in place to ensure that they are properly supervised. Be vigilant of predators and negative situations that could possibly arise as a result of negligence or limited involvement in their lives.

This year, the focus of the SPICY Parent Carnival Campaign is on parenting in the electronic era. Many concerns are being raised regarding the irresponsible use of gadgets and social media platforms by children. Technology is a wonderful gift with countless benefits, but if used negatively, the results can be detrimental. Some of the things that you can do to create balance regarding the online activities of your family are:

  • Use the internet to learn about/enhance your parenting skills;
  • Use the internet to help your children conduct research and complete projects;
  • Monitor your children’s online activities (such as the amount of time spent online and the type of content viewed);
  • Encourage both boys and girls to be responsible online;
  • Prioritise bonding as a family without the use of electronic gadgets;
  • Use electronic devices to stay in touch when you are away from each other

Remember to be SPICY Parents all year through by

  • S- Speaking to your children about positive behaviours that are expected of them.
  • P-Paying attention to your children at home and away from home. Pay attention to the friends and companions that they keep.
  • I-Inspiring good behaviour in your children by modeling appropriate behaviour yourself. Lead by example.
  • C-Checking with your children so that you are always aware of their whereabouts. (Always keep in touch)
  • Y-You are fully responsible for your children, so take control.

A message from the National Parenting Programme, Ministry of Social Development and Housing. For more information please contact Deborah Cudjoe, Coordinator-National Parenting Programme on Phone: 440-2269 or email:




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