Forrester Apologises for Derogative Statements

Terrence Forrester

by Linda Straker

Terrence Forrester, former Public Relations Officer of the ruling New National Party (NNP), has apologised to Prime Minster Dr Keith Mitchell and the executive of the party, for using what he described as ‘derogatory statements’ about the political organisation while responding to the news that he had fallen out of grace with party.

“I want to take this opportunity first to apologise to all of you and especially our young people for allowing myself to get emotionally carried away. I have made inflamed statements about the Office of the Prime Minister. This has never been my style to make derogatory statements intending to inflame or defame anyone and is certain not my kind of language,” Forrester said during a news conference on Monday.

“Please excuse my outburst for having said I will unmask the masked man,” said Forrester who later confirmed that he was never asked for an apology by anyone, but was guided by God when he decided to apologise to the Head of Government and the other Executive members. “I was very emotional at the time,” he justified.

Last week Political Leader Dr Keith Mitchell told the media that Forrester was indeed asked to no longer serve as the government representative on 2 boards, because he his current political behaviour was not in keeping with party policy.

Forrester admits that one of his problems was the decision by the NNP to not make him the caretaker for the Party in the St George’s South constituency. He believes that the party violated its own constitution when it selected Nickolas Steele to become caretaker.

“The appointment of Steele is unconstitutional by the party’s constitution. Steele was selected and not elected,” said Forrester who said that he had written to the chairman of the party requesting that there be a process of campaigning and voting for all those who are interested to become the caretaker for the constituency.

Admitting that he will be contesting the seat as an independent, Forrester said that he is yet to receive a letter or any form of communication reprimanding him for openly objecting to Steele’s appointment, and at the same time commencing his campaign as an independent candidate for the area.

“So, I am still awaiting a letter of reprimand for disobeying the laws of the party,” he said as he confirmed that he has not tendered his resignation from the NNP.

Forrester revealed that he also had an issue with the Prime Minister not issuing him a diplomatic passport, to facilitate travel with his sick wife, who subsequently died from cancer.

Forrester, who before the 2008 General Election was an Ambassador-at-Large for trade and investment, was the holder of a diplomatic passport. However, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) revoked the passport when it won the 2008 General Election.

Forrester said that he expected the passport to be returned to him when the NNP won the 2013 General Elections, but to date, it has not. Prime Minister Mitchell said that a diplomatic passport is not just another travel document, and it is only issued to a person who represents the government at a diplomatic level.

Forrester at present is not a diplomat.

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