Forrester Reaches Amicable Solution with Liu

Terrence Forrester

by Linda Straker

No injunction will be filed against an investor of a Citizen By Investment project who requested that an employee resign as project manager. The investment is expected to transform an area in the south of the island with a US$2 billion landmark development comprising hotels and other amenities.

Terrence Forrester, who was attached to the investment as its project manager said on Monday in a news conference that the investor of the project, Charles Liu, had asked him to resign. Forrester refused on the grounds that no justification was provided to him for the request.

Claiming that Liu did not act on his own but was instructed to terminate his services, Forrester — who did not provide evidence of his belief — said, “He did not say to me what caused him to arrive at that decision.”

“So, I simply said we shall operate under the laws of Grenada,” added Forrester, who claimed that an injunction was filed to stop the request.

Minutes after making the disclosure of the injunction, Forrester said that his lawyers were yet to file the claim, and on Friday he confirmed via a text message that there will no longer be an injunction. “Mr Liu and I have found an amicable solution so as to avoid any court litigation,” he wrote.

Forrester is a former executive member and public relations officer of the ruling New National Party. He fell out of grace with the party after he refused to accept the party’s decision to make Nickolas Steele the new caretaker for the St George’s South Constituency.

Forrester is of the opinion that he should be appointed as caretaker, and has since confirmed that he will be an independent candidate for the constituency in the upcoming general election, constitutionally due no later than mid-2018.

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