Grenada Agribusiness Expo 2017

Minister for Agriculture, Hon Yolande Bain-Horsford

Grenada is preparing to host an Agribusiness Expo which will serve as a vehicle for regional and international exposure of the country’s products.

The Grenada Agribusiness Expo 2017 will be from Thursday, 28 September to Sunday, 1 October 2017, at the Grenada Trade Centre, in Morne Rouge, St George. During the launch on Tuesday, 18 July, Agriculture Minister, Hon Yolande Bain-Horsford, said while there is creativity in the agribusiness sector, there is need for a professional brand.

She said, “What we’ll be doing over the next few weeks is to get the training to these small businesses; get them in line in preparation for exhibiting their products, because some of them you know… are still tying little bags and doing little things… they don’t have proper labels. The lab has not tested their stuff to see if it’s the shelf life…to know if it can stay on the shelf for a while. We don’t want that, but we have to make sure that if that happens, they would not lose all their monies that they have put into the project.”

The expo is the brainchild of the agriculture minister, who saw the latent potential of the sector and declared 2017 the year of agribusiness, in Grenada. Alva Browne, from the Ministry of Agriculture, spoke of the expo’s objectives: “The main objective of the expo is to foster networking and linkages among producers, agro-processors, investors and suppliers, while displaying Grenada’s current agro-products and providing an avenue where established products can be showcased and improved and new products developed. The expo will also serve as a vehicle for regional and international exposure of Grenada ’s products.”  Additionally, the Grenada Agribusiness Expo 2017 will include a Career Day for students, a Farmers Market and Health Fair.


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