Grenada Empowerment Movement Apologises for Delay in Service

To my country, as Political Leader of the Grenada Empowerment Movement (GEM), I wish to humbly apologise for our delay in service to our country.

The unintentional lack of service has presented itself as a result of the strategically premeditated attempts of public servants to assassinate any and all endeavours of the citizen to access factual statistical documentation.

Due to this unethical interpretation of their duties, we have been unable to present our party’s manifesto to the electorate even at this time. GEM is of the belief that the solution to Grenada’s obvious defects is to first holistically comprehend the present status of our economy then introduce and amend policies to positively redirect our country’s revenues and expenditures among other things.

For the past few months, GEM has ventured to numerous public offices and politely applied for the relevant information. Although not surprising, we have been denied and in some cases even discourteously by individuals who have pledged transparency and unbiased service to the citizenry. These public offices include, but aren’t limited to the RGPF, Treasury, Parliament House and the Permanent Secretary for the Prime Minister. The requested information includes the following: “How many vehicles are presently licenced in Grenada; How many persons in Grenada are currently licensed drivers; What number of persons have been successful after making application for the Citizen by Investment Programme?” A series of unanswered questions which is clearly not a threat to national security!

The reluctance to share such information is alarming and questionable. Why are our servants refusing to see us? Do they think we may discover Grenada’s finances have been squandered? We will use these obstacles as further motivation to end the continuance of the present dictatorship and reintroduce a truly democratic nation. GEM assures the diaspora that we will continue to forge ahead to a successful, united Grenada.

Earl J Maitland
Political Leader
Grenada Empowerment Movement

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