Jail and Fine for Stealing Credit Card Information

by Linda Straker

After spending 7 days in jail, 25-year old Chierenzie Phillip was on Wednesday sentenced to pay the court EC$15,000 in 5 months, for stealing credit card information and using it to purchase personal goods online.

Phillip, who is from the village of Fontenoy in the parish of St George, was the first person to be charged under the new Financial Electronic Crime Law and stands the possibility of getting a maximum of 9 years behind bars or be fined in excess of EC$100,000.

Last week Tuesday the former employee of Clear Harbor Call Centre pleaded guilty to 3 counts of Identification Theft. The prosecution told the court she used customers’ credit card information without their consent to make purchases for personal items online.

The incident took place between November of 2016 and March of 2017. The amount of cash involved according to the prosecution amounts to just US$700. Phillip had been assigned to the Customer Service department of the company. Her posting, therefore, allowed her to make purchases on customers’ behalf, using their credit card information. That information, according to the reports, should have been deleted after use, however, on those occasions, they were memorised and reused to her benefit.

The customers complained to the company, and an investigation launched into the matter. The police were subsequently called in. After pleading guilty, Phillip was sent to prison to await her sentencing.

On Wednesday Phillip pleaded for mercy, as she informed the court that prison was not a nice place and she did not wish to return.

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