Keith Mitchell Foundation Gives Education Grants to Primary School Students

The primary school students who received education grants from the Keith Mitchell Foundation.

Nearly 70 primary school students from across the country received education grants from the Keith Mitchell Foundation during an awards ceremony at the Trade Centre on Friday.

Awardees were selected on strict criteria which include being Grenadian and a demonstration of need-based predicament. “It is designed for you to get grant to go to secondary schools,” declared foundation chair and leading Grenadian and Caribbean hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin.

“We recognise that government provides tuition, that government provides books for those folks who cannot afford to have books; however, we also recognise through the foundation that those kids still need a lot of assistance.  So, our grants are to assist in getting your uniforms, your shoes — all the ancillary things that you need to make it easy on your parents”.

The foundation, a charitable organisation established in January last year, was set up in the name of Prime Minister Mitchell as a way of tackling poverty through education.

“My initiative here in this foundation, is based on my own experience knowing that if I did not get help I would not be standing where you are, sitting where you are today,” the Prime Minister told the students. “And, I would not be standing here, so I can’t forget this.”

Other officials in attendance included Director Jean Augustine, a Grenadian who became the first African-Canadian woman to be elected to the House of Commons in Canada.

“So, I want to give thanks to those who have encouraged, those who put your names forward, those who recognised that there is a sparkle in you, that they want to see light and that this foundation, this philanthropic activity — this award will help you to blossom.”

The foundation’s secretary is Ronald Charles; Dr Elliot McGuire, treasurer with the other directors Kent Mitchell and Jerome McQuilkin.


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