Ministry of Health to Commence Entomological Fogging

The public is hereby notified that the Vector Control Division, Ministry of Health, will be conducting entomological fogging operation on the following days, in the following areas in an effort to reduce the high incidence of mosquito infestation and to minimise the risk of transmission of mosquito related illnesses.

This phase of fogging operation would target areas of mass gathering for the festive season. The public is also reminded of the existence of the Mosquito Destruction Act of 1952 in which they are required to keep their premises free of the breeding of mosquito larvae. Failure to do so can result in being fined $250 on summary conviction in the first instance and $500 on subsequent violation.

The ministry is therefore kindly seeking the public’s cooperation with the fogging team to open up their homes to allow the fog to enter so that it can kill the mosquitoes.

Persons with respiratory difficulties are asked to stay away from the fog or inform the fogging team of such conditions. Beekeepers are also asked to inform the team of any beekeeping activities in the area to be fogged.

Meanwhile, although fogging is considered a secondary option in reducing the mosquito population, health officials say the number one priority of individuals should and must be keeping their surroundings clean and reducing breeding sites such as old tires, tins, coconut shells, blocked drains and other water holding containers. The Vector Control Division can be reached on telephone number 440-2095.

The 2017 fogging schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 18.07.17 Town of St George, City Center, St John’s Street and Environs 5 pm
Wednesday 19.07.17 Town of St George, Carenage, Tanteen and Herbert Blaize Street 5 pm
Thursday 20.07.17 Grenville Town, St Andrew 5 pm
Friday 21.07 .17 La Sagesse and Environs 5 pm
Monday 24.07.17 River Road, Stadium and Environs 5 pm
Tuesday 25.07.17 Victoria, St Mark 5 pm
Wednesday 26.07.17 Gouyave Town, St John 5 pm
Thursday 27.07.17 Grenville Town 5 pm
Monday 31.07.17 River Road and Environs 5 pm
Tuesday 01.08.17 Carenage and Environs 5 pm
Wednesday 02.08.17 Morne Rouge including Quarantine Point 5 pm
Thursday 03.08.17 National Stadium and Environs 5 pm
Wednesday 09.08.17 Beaulieu including Spice Basket 5 pm
Thursday 10.08.17 National Stadium and Environs 5pm

Vector Control Division, Ministry of Health

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