NAWASA to Switch off All Water Systems at 7pm Due to Tropical Storm Don

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) wishes to advise the general public that as of 7 pm today Tuesday, 18 July ALL WATER SYSTEMS WILL BE SWITCHED OFF in preparation for the conditions likely due to the passage of Tropical Storm Don.

An analysis of ALL water systems will be conducted by our engineering team on Wednesday, 19 July and restoration will commence thereafter.

The authority reminds persons of the need to:

  • Collect and store water in clean, non-corrosive and mostly tightly covered containers both in and out of your refrigerator. To increase shelf life of water, group bottles in dark plastic trash bags to keep light out.
  • Store enough water for each member of your family and pet. Have at least a minimum of 3 days’ supply, of 35 gallons per person, per day for domestic use.
  • Store water in bath tubs, drums, pails and buckets for flushing of toilet, washing and general cleaning.
  • Shut off water tanks and individual property connections. Your water can be shut off at either the outlet valve or the water meter. Everyone in your home should know where these are located.

NAWASA apologises for the inconveniences likely to be caused by this decision, but advises that this precautionary measure is necessary to safe guard our infrastructure and is in the best interest of the consumers we serve.

NAWASA …. committed to meeting customers’ needs.


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