Ruling Party Leader Urge the People to Make ‘No Change’ to the Government

Keith Mitchell Leader NNP

by Linda Straker

Dr Keith Mitchell, Political Leader of the ruling New National Party (NNP) is confident that his government will return to office after the upcoming general elections which is constitutionally due no later than mid-2018 but can be called any time before.

Addressing Wednesday’s sitting of Parliament, Prime Minister Mitchell who is also the current chairman of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), called on the people to not change the government, because he wants to ensure that there is a smooth transition from one chairman to another next year.

He informed the House that in May 2018 Grenada will be hosting the annual CDB meeting and hopes that the citizens will understand why his government needs to be the one handing over to the new chairman.

“No changes should take place,” Dr Mitchell told the House which had a packed gallery, many of whom are well known supporters and activist for the NNP.

During Tuesday’s post-Cabinet briefing, Dr Mitchell was asked if the ceremonial opening of Parliament which is traditionally held in October or November will see a new government.

His response: “I cannot tell you if the next time we have a ceremonial opening it will be a new government but I know the NNP will be in office,” he said.

The Parliamentary Elections Office which is responsible for executing a general election, recently disclosed that it’s ready to ensure a free and fair general elections. Recently, Labour Senator Ray Roberts questioned about the office readiness if a general election date was announced.

Alex Phillip, Supervisor of Elections in a written reply which was presented in the House by Leader of Government Business Simon Stiell, said that his office had used the November 2016 referendum as a preparedness test.

He also informed House that all the new staff and other persons who are required to ensure a free and fear election are participating in continuous training.

The consolidated list as of 30 June 2017 contains more than 73,000 names. The new list was released on 7 July 2017.

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