Temporary Traffic Arrangements for Soca and Calypso Semi-finals

The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force Eastern Division informs the general public of the following temporary traffic arrangements for Soca and Calypso Semi-finals on Friday, 28 and Sunday, 30 July, 2017 at Progress Park, Paradise, St Andrew.


  • No vehicle will be allowed to enter the 1st and 2nd byroads from Telescope Main Road leading toward Progress Park.
  • The byroad toward Progress Park Pavilion and the byroad closes to the traffic light in the direction of Paradise Bridge.


  • VIP parking will be located to the bark of the Main Pavilion.


  • No parking will be allowed in the following areas:
  • The entire surface on both sides of the road from Telescope Junction to Paradise Bridge.
  • The byroad leading towards the venue on both sides of the road.
  • The byroad to the Northern side of Progress Park in the direction of Paradise Bridge and La Cabakaye road with its junction to Paradise roundabout towards Siod’s shop on both sides of the road.


  • Public Parking will be allowed on the venue and the unfenced area to the left of the VIP Park.


Persons will only be allowed to drop off at the following points:

  • The Junction of Canal and Telescope Junction.
  • Buses plying the Northern routes make left unto Paradise Cocoa, unto Simon (Seamoon) Public Road.
  • Buses from the Mt Horne area will use the La Cabakaye road and drop off in the area of Paradise bus shed.


  • Persons exiting the venue will proceed in the direction of the St Andrew Anglican Secondary school (SAASS) unto Canal Road or Griffin Lane.
  • Buses dropping passengers on canal junction will proceed unto Ford Public Road.

NB: Persons are reminded that personal firearms will not be allowed in the venue and are therefore advised to secure them safely. Additionally, persons are reminded to ensure that their vehicles are properly locked and secured.

Office of the Commissioner of Police

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