GARP Membership Expanding

Carol Vazquez, President and founder of GARP

The Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP) has recently expanded its programmes to include many social and educational events in its calendar. As a result, the GARP membership is also expanding at an unprecedented rate.

Carol Vazquez is the President and founder of the Grenada Association for Retired Persons. When a person retires, people sometimes think they are sent out to pasture so-to-speak, to slowly wither away, and get old. Not so says, Carol Vazquez. ‘Now is the time to start the next chapter in life, to have fun, and live life to the fullest.’

Come and join GARP to share your wealth of knowledge and experience gained from a life time of being in the workforce. The main objective of GARP is to enhance the quality of the lives of retired people, by sponsoring initiatives for its members and providing a facility for socialising and learning new skills. We are helping seniors to embrace retirement, keep active, and enjoy this next phase of life with vigour, validation and purpose. It is an exciting team of fun and vibrant people who get together regularly to have fun and to help others in need.

Here is a short list of examples of things we do for our members:

  • A thrift shop called ‘Once and Again’ where members can shop
  • A Yard Sale last Saturday of every month
  • Join us for Salsa Dancing every Monday evening
  • We host a Diabetic Clinic several times per year where members get checked and receive medical advice from professionals
  • A Book Exchange in our library – bring one and exchange for another, or buy one
  • We have several social events each month and throughout the year: Tea Coffee Cake and Conversation sessions; Circle of Fellowship meetings; Movie Matinee events include popcorn!
  • Computer training and computer assistance classes are offered on the first and last Friday of every month – bring your computer, and we will help you
  • Our arts and crafts school called ‘Country Cottage’ where members can learn to make all sorts of things for their households, including batik classes
  • We take up causes and advocate for the rights of seniors when help and assistance is needed.

Every October is ‘Month Of Older Persons,’ and there are many events being planned this year including meals to be prepared and delivered to seniors in need. Every year we enjoy preparing and delivering Christmas Hampers to low-income senior’s homes.

The GARP Welcome Centre is located on Kirani James Boulevard (next to Foodland) in St George, Grenada. For more information about membership with this dynamic group, please contact Carol Vazquez by phone at 4734359857, by email at or visit the GARP website at

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