TAMCC Bids Farewell to Professors Miao and Hong

Just over 1 year ago, 2 Professors from the People’s Republic of China, arrived in Grenada to temporarily join the faculty at the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

Professor Meng Hong, who is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and Professor Zhang Miao commenced their journey with the TAMCC at the opening of the school term in September 2016. Both ladies were warmly welcomed and accepted by the faculty, staff and students of the college.

In appreciation to the visiting Professors, TAMCC held a farewell ceremony on Thursday, 27 July 2017. During the ceremony, which included cultural presentations by students pursing Chinese language, the achievements of both professors were highlighted. Tokens of appreciation were presented to the professors.

TAMCCs Human Resource Manager, Irwin Abraham, stated that the professors ‘brought a sense of warmth and friendship,’ when they arrived, and he hopes that they will keep the communication lines open even when they return to China. He also used the opportunity to express his appreciation and gratitude for everything they have done in the year they were at the college.

Both professors were described as always helpful and willing. They taught Chinese Medicine and Basic Chinese Language, and participated in a number of activities put on by the college, including the Chinese Bridge Competition, the Chinese Spring Festival and lectures at St George’s University. They also assisted students with Martial Arts, Chinese Paper Cutting and other aspects of Chinese culture.

The year proved to be rewarding and fruitful, as the professors provided a window for Grenadians to know and understand even more about Chinese people and their culture. Professor Hong described the people she came in contact with as being ‘very nice and friendly.’

Professor Miao is scheduled to depart Grenada on 15 August. Professor Hong left on 1 August.

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