Video: Sandals LaSource Introduces Snuba

by Donella Hosten

Media workers in Grenada were given the opportunity on Tuesday, 22 August 2017, to participate in Snuba, a new water sport offered at Sandals LaSource.

Scott Fakrell, International Programme Coordinator and Customer Relations Manager with Snuba International has been working along with Sandals LaSource for approximately 1 ½ years, to train Dive Masters and Rescue Certified persons at the Resort.

Giving a very brief history about Snuba, Fakrell stated that it was first introduced in 1988 by a group of men who were building submersibles and who were looking for something simpler than scuba diving.

According to Fakrell, in his experience, they normally get a lot of clients who “are maybe a little too intimidated with the idea of putting on a scuba tank on [their] back…” He assured that the sport is indeed very safe, stating too that families and non-swimmers can participate in the sport.

Sandals LaSource in Grenada is the 4th resort in the Caribbean to introduce Snuba, following Jamaica, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos.

Recently trained Snuba Guides, Travis Howe and Tyronne Phillip, both of whom are Dive Master and are Rescue Certified, described Snuba as ‘easy’ and “great.’ Howe noted that it is different to scuba diving and snorkelling, as there is no tank attached. Participants will use a harness that is attached to a regulator, which is in turn attached to a 20 ft hose on a raft. Phillip shared his experience, and stated that it was a good way to see the marine life underwater, including coral reefs and marine life.

Although the resort has not officially started their Snuba sport, a number of test runs have been done. Snuba at Sandals LaSource is expected to commence on 26 August 2017, and run daily, every hour from 9 am to 4 pm.

A member of Team NOW Grenada took the opportunity to try Snuba, and was captured in the video. “It was my 1st time using a regulator to breathe, and it was pretty fun.”

A member of Team NOW Grenada trying out Snuba

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