Blatant Roadside Dumping Deliberately Sabotages Livelihoods of Many

Roadside dumping of fibreglass insulation in the Confer area on Tuesday, 12 September

We heard this week that Grenada is to host the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) biggest regional gathering — the State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), with 300 plus delegates, and some 30 international media people from the US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean. The delegates are to be offered island tours, and Grenada is receiving ‘maximum worldwide visibility.’

This really is an opportunity to showcase the ‘Pure Grenada’ destination and give the economy — our hotels, restaurants, bus and taxi drivers, dive establishments, tour guides, farmers, fishermen etc — a boost.

At the end of the notification, the Tourism Association says that it is ‘encouraging citizens to clean and beautify their surroundings ahead of the major conference.’

On the same day that we received this welcome news, we also had another case of blatant, hideous roadside dumping. It is as if someone is deliberately flying in the face of all the good work that the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is doing, and trying to sabotage the livelihoods of the many people involved in our vital but fragile tourism industry.

This shameful eyesore appeared in the Confer area at around midday on Tuesday, 12 September. It appears to be discarded fibreglass insulation from a demolished building. Somebody now has to go to the trouble and (taxpayers?) expense of clearing this away — unless we can find the person ‘responsible’ (actually highly irresponsible).

Somebody knows who did this. Please tell us, through this newspaper — or are you by your inactivity encouraging the dumping to continue in your back yard?If you are happy to see dumping proliferate, then just do nothing.

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