Busmen Described as Undesirables Preying on Vulnerable Students

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by Linda Straker

A senior police officer has described some bus drivers as ‘undesirables who go after female students to jeopardise their futures,’ and he wants the public to play a more active role in dealing with the problem of eradicating bus driver-female student intimate relationships.

“There can be some undesirables when it comes to children, when it comes to students, who are drivers of some mini buses, and though it’s an allegation, we have to raise it,” said Inspector Trevor Rodney. Rodney currently heads the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

“We have had reports from time to time, where some of these drivers are engaging in conversation or activities that are not fitting with regards to relationships with students,” he said during news a conference held on Monday, 4 September.

He also provided an update on the number of arrests made during the past 2 weeks. Records from the police show that a number of the men charged with sexual offences against female minors are bus drivers. It is believed that these vulnerable young children who are often under 16, the age of sexual consent, are lured to the drivers with the hope of receiving free transportation and other gifts.

Calling for the general public to become part of the initiative to report bus drivers who are seen with students engaging in questionable activities — in particular during school hours — Rodney called for the public to be on the lookout and report all suspicious activity.

“If there is any action of these bus men that you need to speak to the police about, we will speak with you and then speak to that person. We are asking everybody to look out for anything that could jeopardise our students’ ability to succeed in every way possible,” he said.

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