GARP Month of Older Persons and GARP Expo

During October and the first week of November, the Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP) is celebrating Grenada Month of Older Persons, and will involve the public in a nationwide drive to raise awareness about issues affecting seniors.

GARP has planned many events across the country that include medical clinics for diabetes and foot ailments, soup kitchens, radio and TV messages, information booths in strategic locations, motorcades and marches within various parishes with messages for the public, and relevant messages from our local churches.

The Month of Older Persons is an extension of the United Nations ‘Day of Older Persons’ which is observed on 1 October each year. The United Nations Day of Older Persons theme for this year is ‘Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society.’ It is all about enabling and expanding the contributions of older people in their families, in their communities and societies at large. In Grenada, there is a need to care for, revitalise, and re-engage seniors after they have left the workforce, and remind them that we all appreciate the contributions they have made to our beautiful country.

GARP is welcoming the public to attend a free expo and information session to be held from 10 am to 6 pm on 28 October at the Morne Rouge playing field in Grand Anse. Many exposition tents are planned to house GARP programmes and services such as:

  • a medical clinic tent
  • a health and wellness tent
  • a beauty tent (with ME Beauty Salon and Spa) with Reiki treatments
  • a museum tent of interesting older household items
  • a Salsa dancing-demonstration tent
  • a tent with items from our thrift store including items made in the GARP cottage industry
  • a book exchange
  • food and drink tents
  • a storytelling tent
  • a games tent and fun things to do for adults and children alike, and
  • a DJ tent with DJ Swift playing Soca music and dancing for all.

The GARP EXPO will also include commercial tents occupied by several local businesses such as Gittens, Brydens and Minors, FLOW and Digicel, with interesting product demonstrations and special offers.

GARP will be organising and coordinating medical clinics to allow Grenadian citizens to see specialists for diabetic issues, foot health issues, blood pressure and general health issues. Clinics will be held from 9 am to 2 pm on 5 dates:

  • 30 September: GARP Welcome Centre, Kirani James Boulevard
  • 28 October: GARP Expo
  • 8 November: Carriacou Hospital
  • 10 November: Grenville
  • 11 November: GARP Welcome Centre, Kirani James Boulevard

GARP Month Of Older Persons information/presentation booths will be set up on 3 dates in St George’s at the following locations:

  • 7 October: Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse
  • 14 October: Andalls Supermarket, Melville Street
  • 21 October: Food Fair Shopping Mall, Grand Anse

Information booths are also planned in other parishes: to be announced. As a part of a membership drive, GARP coordinators within individual parishes will be leading soup kitchens, book exchange events, marches, motorcades, and messages from churches in each parish.

Confirmed soup kitchens for seniors:

  • 20 October: GARP Welcome Centre, Kirani James Boulevard, St George’s Parish
  • 20 October: Ministry of Social Development, Desk of Elderly on Melville Street, St George’s Parish
  • 20 October: St Patrick’s Parish
  • 27 October: St David’s Parish.

GARP provides engagement and support for mature citizens 50 years of age and over. Our mission is to offer learning opportunities, social activities, fun events, and valuable benefits to our members in Grenada. GARP is a registered organisation established in July 2010, and is a self-funded, non-profit organisation. It is an exciting team of fun and vibrant people who get together to help others in need.

GARP extends an invitation to all seniors and their families to enjoy the day at the GARP Expo and to explore how you can also can become involved in helping our seniors benefit from our programmes and services. Please feel free to drop by the GARP Welcome Centre located at Kirani James Boulevard (next to Foodland) or call 435-9857 for more information. Our website is and our Facebook page is GARP.


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