Grenada Harvest 2030 Rainwater Harvesting Model Project Funded by Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme

Official Grenada Harvest 2030 project launch at the St Joseph’s Convent Grenville

In February 2017, the St Andrew’s Development Organisation (SADO) and the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme signed a MOU for the implementation of the Grenada Harvest 2030 project.

Harvest 2030 is an initiative which promotes a direct intervention into the education system in Grenada, targeting groups thought to be currently at high risk of minimal exposure to basic practical application of Rainwater Harvesting.

The primary objectives of the project include:

  1. Increased capacity of vulnerable groups (youth) in the area of Rain Water Harvesting
  2. To encourage retraining of friends and families of participants enrolled in Harvest 2030
  3. Increased private sector participation in RWH capacity building initiatives
  4. Enhancement of government’s activities in promoting RWH
  5. Expansion of regional awareness to similar experiences faced in the area of water scarcity.

On 21 September, the project was officially launched at the St Joseph’s Convent Grenville. The ceremony was attended by Simone Lewis GEF/SGP country coordinator, Royan Charles President of SADO and other members of SADO, Linda Francis Principal of St Joseph’s Convent Grenville, parents, teachers and students of the participating schools, St Joseph’s Convent and St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School.

The students were taught basic roof construction and plumbing, and will be travelling to Barbados on an exchange programme in October 2017.

Principal Francis in delivering welcoming remarks, underscored that the project would be able to open the window towards the many opportunities offered at the institution. “We would like to express to the small Grants Programme, our deepest gratitude for the valuable support extended to this project and SADO for their contribution to the project.”

“This project Rainwater Harvesting is an innovative alternative water supply approach anyone can use. This project will enlighten our students of other ways they can collect and conserve water and by extension help to prevent soil erosion.”

Simone Lewis GEF/SGP country coordinator addressing the students said, “I’m sure some of these students never paid attention to Rainwater Harvesting before this project. Now that you have been involved in the construction and practical aspect, I’m sure you will appreciate how important it is.”

SADO’S President Royan Charles says the programme is geared at Harvesting Green. He reminded students that the project was a learning tool and students can gain a lot of experience from it.

Rehanna Mason, student at St Joseph’s Convent shared her experience: “Rainwater Harvesting was something I was not used to; but through research I was able to develop a greater understanding. The experience was fun filled and educational. It was a life-changing one; we learned how crucial rainwater harvesting is in the world today.”

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