Stop It Now! Men Marching against Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence

Due to concerns regarding the many sexual violence cases against our nation’s children that have recently emerged, the Ministry of Social Development and Housing, in collaboration with its social partners will be hosting a march led by men on Friday, 15 September 2017.

This is scheduled to take place in the Town of St George, starting at the Alleyne Francique roundabout at 3:30 pm, continuing onto the roundabout near La Qua Brothers Crematorium and back to Esplanade Mall, for a closing ceremony.

The theme of this march is ‘Stop It Now! Men Marching against Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence.’

It is against this background that we are asking for your support, to encourage men, especially those in your organisation to join the walk and take a stand against violence.

All are asked to wear RED.

If further information is required, please feel free to contact Nicole Neva Pitt at 449 6964 or Kwesi Davidson at 533 8275. We look forward to your support. Let us all come together and eliminate sexual violence from our society. Our men, women, boys and girls, are being seriously affected.

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