4th Annual Contemporary Art Exhibit Attracts International Artists

Artwork by John Henry

A relatively young annual art exhibit, the Grenada Contemporary, hosted at Susan Mains Gallery has been growing rapidly; this year showing the work of more than 30 artists from 11 countries.

In the exhibit’s inaugural year 2014, 8 artists’ work were shown and since then, with increased international attention to the Grenada art scene, the Grenada Contemporary is becoming a stepping stone for artists in the region to the global art scene. This year, the theme of the exhibit is the one word, ‘Westindian’ found in Grenadian journalist and poet, Alister Hughes’ poem, Caribbean Man.

In Donovan’s tracks then came Ted Marryshow
His dream was that we had just one way to go
One country, Westindies, division he’d ban
One nation, one people, Caribbean Man

Artists responded to the concept, ‘Westindian’ in a variety of ways and the gallery hosted a discussion on how the concept could be developed in the weeks leading up to the exhibit. Of the 30 artists, 14 reside in Grenada and are a mix of art world veterans, new comers and immigrants who are feeding the soil. Oliver Benoit, Rene Froehlich, and Asher Mains are familiar names in the Grenada art scene and will show alongside local newcomers like Roxanne Marquez-Augustine and John Henry. John Henry, notably is showing in his 3rd consecutive Grenada Contemporary and is one of Grenada’s most promising young painters. Also showing from the region are artists from Trinidad, Barbados and Guadeloupe. Aside from the region, artists have contributed work from as far away as India and South Africa, highlighting the diverse background and reach of the West Indies as a region.

Ingrid Newmand detail image

Inclusion in the exhibition is an accomplishment in itself, as artists were considered along with their statement and proposals and maturity in their artwork. Grenada is experiencing a groundswell of creative energy and art is increasingly becoming a way for Grenada to reach out to the world, bring the world to Grenada and enrich the lives of Grenadians in all fields. Susan Mains Gallery has been instrumental, not just in hosting this annual event, but helping local artists prepare for the demands of exhibiting art locally and internationally as a working artist.

The 4th annual Grenada Contemporary exhibit is opening Friday, 27 October at 5:30 pm at Susan Mains Gallery at Spiceland Mall International. Entry is free and all are invited. Come out to encourage, support and be inspired by the artwork and artists present! Congratulations, from Susan Mains Gallery, to the local artists who were accepted into the show!

Susan Mains Gallery

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