Child Protection Authority’s ‘All Against Child Abuse Walk’

The Child Protection Authority (CPA) invites the public to its All Against Child Abuse (AACA) Walk to launch the UNICEF/CPA ‘All Against Child Abuse AACA project.’

The walk begins at 9 am on 27 October from the National Stadium Car Park, and finishes at the Tanteen Playing Field in Saint George’s.

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One thought on “Child Protection Authority’s ‘All Against Child Abuse Walk’

  1. Concerned Citizen

    How is this walk improving the chances that perpetrators will be prosecuted? Stop protecting abusers, Grenada. When a top law enforcement official is indicted for sex crimes (Inspector from Grand Anse police station) and his name is withheld, what message is sent to the public? What message is sent to abusing authorities? Special treatment for those in authority? No amount of walking will change that…we must change the system. There should be more accountability, and higher consequences, for those in positions of authority, not less. Start protecting the children, not with empty gestures… a walk…with tougher penalties and strict enforcement of the laws. Animals are treated better than children in Grenada…walk of shame is more like it.

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