Grenada Awaiting Result of Natural Gas Quality

by Linda Straker

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has confirmed that natural gas was found in the island’s marine space, but he is unable to confirm if it is of the quality required that will make the island reap the financial benefits of the discovery.

“The findings are being tested for quality,” Dr Mitchell told reporters attending the weekly Tuesday morning post cabinet briefing. He further disclosed that not all natural gas found is of the quality required for refining, as therefore it is best for the result to return before any type of declaration can be announced.

“The finding is one thing, but the quality is what will make a difference. I cannot and will count my chickens before the eggs are hatched,” he said.

Earlier in the year, government disclosed that it had issued a licence to the Global Petroleum Group to conduct the necessary exploration activities to locate oil and natural gas in the country’s marine space. In May, a notice was placed in local newspapers that dredging was being done in water south of Grenada.

The marine department of the Grenada Ports Authority has confirmed that the dredging has since been completed and the rig has departed from Grenada’s marine space.

In June, both houses of Parliament approved the Hydro Carbon Exploration Incentive Bill 2017. This piece of legislation outlines a package of incentives for oil and gas exploration to any company.

Recently, a Trinidad newspaper claimed that oil and gas was found by GPG close to the border with Venezuela.

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