NaDMA Monitoring a Tropical Wave

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) with the technical assistance of the Meteorological Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport is monitoring a Tropical Wave which extends from 6°N – 17°N 51°W – 53°W moving westward at 17mph.

The wave is coinciding with a low-level trough and is being enhanced by a mid to upper level trough system. The axis of the wave is projected to cross the area by Tuesday morning.

This wave is embedded in a pool of moisture which will support convective and showery activities from Monday. Significant rainfall can be expected as the system approaches and propagates across the island. Given the volume of rainfall that has occurred during the past week; soils remain over-saturated.

Moderate to heavy and or prolonged rainfall will result in flooding; mudslides, tree and rock fall especially in hilly terrain, poorly drained areas, low-lying or exposed areas. Squally conditions and reduced visibility at sea can occur during significant showery activity.

Consequentially, turbulent seas with waves extending to 8 feet in open waters can be expected for the next 48 hours. Sea bathers, fishermen, small craft and tour operators and all other marine interests are urged to exercise extra caution when venturing out to sea.

NaDMA together with the Meteorological office will continue to provide pertinent information in a timely and efficient manner!

For additional information, please contact NaDMA on 440-8390-4 & 440-0838, or email: nadma@spiceisle.comNaDMA, the official source for all disaster related information in Grenada. 


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