Thousands to Gain Seasonal Employment in Debushing Programme

Hon Gregory Bowen

by Linda Straker

More than 3,000 persons are expected to gain seasonal employment as a result of the Ministry of Works annual Christmas Debushing Programme, which officially starts on 30 October 2017 and will run for 4 fortnights.

Works Minister Gregory Bowen disclosed on Tuesday during the weekly post-cabinet briefing that government has set aside EC$8 million for the programme. “And this will be having a positive effect on the economy, $8 million in circulation will see the people spending,” he said as he explained there will be at least 3 roads where work was done previously, but will also be part of the debushing programme.

He said that the overhanging and clearing was done on one road because of a survey that was being done for the eventual rebuilding of the road.

Each gang will consist of 7 persons: a 6-member crew and a contractor. A total of 538 gangs are expected to participate in the programme. Debushing will involve the clearing of overhangings, drains and roadsides for main roads, secondary roads and inter-village roads.

This form of seasonal employment is done 3 times per year as part of government’s effort to employ during the weeks leading up to Christmas, Carnival and Easter.

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