Week 2: GARP Month Of Older Persons

The Grenada Association of Retired Persons (GARP) continues to celebrate Month of Older Persons in October. During the 2nd week of October, the following important events are planned to raise awareness about issues affecting seniors.

  • Saturday, 7 October:
    • GARP motorcade will traverse roadways throughout the north and south of Carriacou and will hand out flyers and posters with messages for helping seniors in our communities.
    • GARP Information Booth will be set up to provide literature and a presentation at Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse, to advise the public on issues that affect seniors, advise on GARP objectives and goals, and on other planned events in Grenada for Month of Older Persons.
  • Sunday, 8 October: 26 churches in Grenada will deliver sermons addressing issues that affect seniors, and will provide messages to Grenadians to help enhance their daily lives.
  • Tuesday, 10 October: the Carriacou chapter of GARP will host a candle light march in downtown Hillsborough, in Carriacou.
  • Wednesday, 11 October:
    • a special soup kitchen for seniors will be provided by GARP representatives at the Mermaid Inn, Carriacou.
    • GARP member Rawlda George will appear on MTV’s Doctor Terry Marryshow programme at 7 pm, to discuss challenges affecting seniors in Grenada.
  • Saturday, 14 October: GARP will host an information booth at Andalls Supermarket on Melville Street from 9 to 4 to advise the public on issues affecting seniors. A presentation and relevant literature will be available for public viewing, and the event will include a fund-raiser cake sale with cakes donated by GARP members.

Drop by to have a chat and see how you might be able to help seniors in your area of Grenada. GARP is seeking new members to join their exciting team and application forms will be available.

GARP has received a generous offer to be passed on to all seniors. Pharmacy products are being offered at a discount to seniors of retirement age (aged 60 and over — please show ID with date of birth for discount), during the entire month of October from the following pharmacies:

  • Parris Pharmacy, Victoria Street in Grenville: 5%
  • True Blue Pharmacy, True Blue, Saint George: 10%
  • Hills and Valleys Pharmacy, Church Street, Carriacou: 10%
  • Hills and Valleys Pharmacy, Halifax Street, St George’s: 10%

Please note that the free medical clinic that was held on Saturday, 30 September was a huge success. The next free medical clinic will be held at GARP Expo to be held on 28 October, at the Morne Rouge playing field in Grand Anse. Medical practitioners will be checking blood pressure, blood sugar, foot health, and general health. Please bring your senior family members to see these specialists from St George’s University, as they are volunteering their time and expertise to the public. Other medical clinics are planned in various locations in early November and will be announced in the weeks ahead.

GARP provides engagement and support for mature citizens 50 years of age and over. Our mission is to offer learning opportunities, social activities, fun events, and valuable benefits to our members in Grenada. Please feel free to drop by the GARP Welcome Centre located at Kirani James Boulevard (next to Foodland) or call 435-9857 for more information. Our website is www.garpgrenada.com and our Facebook page is GARP.

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One thought on “Week 2: GARP Month Of Older Persons

  1. Maudlin Williams

    Keep up the good works GARP members. As said you are all a light shinning out of darkness, your light would shine much brighter sooner than you expect, so all 50 plus would want to be a member as the birth date.

    Do you have any gift certificate where a gift can be given to someone for birthday, if not try getting some soon.

    Continue looking out for seniors.

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