Western Main Road in for an Upgrade

by Linda Straker

The Western Main Road from St George’s to Victoria, is to be upgraded as a result of a grant from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund.

The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank has approved a grant of GBP930,000 to the Government of Grenada, to prepare a feasibility study and detailed designs for the upgrade of the western road corridor.

A news release from the CDB said that the road runs between the capital city, St George’s in the southwest of Grenada, and Victoria in the northern parish of St Mark. According to Andrew Dupigny, Head of Infrastructure Partnerships at CDB, it is one of 3 main road corridors in Grenada.

“This road is a critical route for many persons who work in the capital, and it is also an important link for farmers in the north to get their products to the port facilities in the south. Rehabilitation of this road is expected to improve traffic flow, improve road safety, reduce vehicle operating costs and create a more climate resilient road infrastructure,” said Dupigny.

Dupigny said that the project will allow the government to determine the most cost-effective way to upgrade the road, while taking into account the provision of all-weather road access, improvement in the geometry, stability, drainage features and signage.

Funds are being provided by the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF), which is administered by CDB. UKCIF provides grant financing to 8 Caribbean countries eligible for Overseas Development Assistance, and UK Overseas Territory, Montserrat. Additional funding of GBP70,000 will be provided by the Government of Grenada.

This project is consistent with CDB’s strategic objective of supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and development, as well as CDB’s corporate priority of strengthening and modernising social and economic infrastructure.

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One thought on “Western Main Road in for an Upgrade

  1. VelvetGee

    Hope the roads are widened enough to cater to the free flow of at least two trucks of the kind in need of Special Licenses.

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