Child Rights Advocate Calls for Promotion Of Violence Free Lifestyle

Lady Anande Trotman–Joseph

by Linda Straker

Lady Anande Trotman-Joseph, member of the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, believes that the promotion of a violence free lifestyle will be able to reduce and eventually eliminate the number of sexual violent matters that are presently within the legal system.

“There must be advocacy to promote respect and violence free lifestyles. There must be monitoring of sex offenders. We must have national policies, action plans, educational and cultural programmes which must implement a zero-tolerance approach to violence in all its forms,” she said following the recent killing of a 9-year old student, who were apparently abducted and killed by a juvenile last week Friday.

“The violent end to an innocent life is symptomatic of society’s failing to identify and address the early signs of pathological behaviour. Our children are being robbed of their innocence, so we have to educate them too about predatory behaviour from an earlier age and teach them survival skills in the face of such attacks,” she said.

The well-known child rights advocate who is a former chairperson of the Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child, said that unity among the general public will be key to combating the scourge of sexual violence in the society. “Together we must unite to condemn this violence, we must pray against this evil in our society, we must intervene and speak up earlier when we see the warning signs of violent behaviours in our homes or communities,” she said while calling for some form of guidance so to music that are aired via radio, television and other forms of communications.

“There must be censorship of music that inspires violence including sexual violence and degradation and such cultural expressions that our youth are exposed to. There must be the identification of and psycho-social support and counselling for persons whose lifestyles make them susceptible to violent behaviour and to provide support for meaningful rehabilitation,” she recommended.

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